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  • Incucyte® SX5 Live-Cell Analysis  System
    Item no.
    Apoptosis, Phagocytosis, Antibody Internalization, Cell Health, Cytotoxicity, Spheroid Cell Health, Immune Cell Killing, Immunocytochemistry, Neuronal Activity, Chemotaxis, Morphological Analysis, Neurite Analysis, Proliferation, Scratch Wound, Angiogenesis, Incucyte® ATP Assay, Kinase Activity, Label-Free Viability, Neurite Outgrowth, Neuronal Activity Assay, Organoid Culture QC, Scratch Wound Migration and Invasion Assays, Spheroid Growth Assay
    Optical Module
    Green/Orange/NIR, Green/Red, Metabolism
    Total Fluorescence Channels
    Up to 5
    Independent Vessel Scheduling