Bag Loop with Sartocon® Slice Self Contained Unit ECO PES 300 kDa

Screen Type: ECO

Cut-Off: 300 kDa

Membrane Material: Polyethersulfone

System:SARTOFLOW® Alpha plus SU

Gamma sterilized and ready to use bag loop assembly that includes:

  • Self-Contained filter unit
  • 10L recirculation bag (including a thermowell and a vent filter)
  • Tubing and peristaltic pump tubing
  • 4 pressure domes
  • Retentate and permeate flow meters

Item No.: 

*Custom/bulk order quotes are provided within 72 hours of request.


Bag loop assemblies for the SARTOFLOW® Alpha plus SU are supplied sterile and ready to use.

All product wetted parts of the system are supplied sterile and made from single-use components.

The cassette is designed with the same hydrodynamic flow path as our larger production scale filter cassettes, enabling linear scale-up to larger filter areas.

The single-use concept is an ideal choice for contract manufacturers, research and development applications and all companies with multiproduct through-put.


The system is suitable for use in cGMP environments for process development, clinical trials and for small-scale production batches.

Due to the fully enclosed design the assembly is well suited for vaccine, recombinant protein, and highly toxic ADC production.

Features and Benefits

Totally enclosed process with integrated loop assembly

-Fully disposable results in operator safety due to no product contact

Color coding

-Eliminating installation errors

Pre-flushed and sterile

-Ready to use


- No CIP with associated water flush and validation required

- No cleaning validation , CFW determination and storage preparation, leads to cost and time saving in set up and validation effort

Low protein binding membrane

- High product yield and high sustained flux

No use of glues

Low extractables