Sartorius offers a broad range of application-based solutions that fits laboratory needs as well as analytical testing outside the laboratory. To ensure best results different housings guarantee a burdenless workflow using various chemicals and solutions. Combined with the extraordinary quality of our membranes we make sure to simplify the progress of filtration steps in a convenient, easy-to-use manner that is highly individualized. Aside of that, large scale sustainability issues occurring due to the massive amount of single-use products are being tackled as the filter holders are made to be easily rinsed and autoclaved and, therefore, excellently suited in repetitive analyses.

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  • Stainless Steel Filter Holders: 25 mm syringe filter holder, 25 mm | 47 mm in-line filter holder, 47 mm | 142 mm | 293 mm pressure filter holder
  • Glass Vacuum Filter Holders: 25 mm | 50 mm vacuum filter holder
  • Polycarbonate Filter Holders: 13 mm | 25 mm syringe filter holder, 50 mm in-line filter holder
  • PTFE Filter Holders: 13 mm syringe filter holder, 47 mm chemical-resistant filter holder