Incucyte® Nuclight Green Lentivirus (EF1a, Puro)

One vial of lentivirus reagent ( >1x106 TU/mL) suitable for transducing cells with a non-perturbing, nuclear restricted green fluorescent label driven off an EF1α promoter. Stable cell lines can be created under puromycin selection.

Top Features of Incucyte® Nuclight Green Lentivirus (EF1a, Puro)

  • Label cells efficiently and homogenously using a nuclear-restricted green fluorescent protein
  • Study long-term changes in proliferation by generating stably expressing cell lines
  • Quantify true cell counts in mono- or co-culture kinetic assays

Popular Applications for Incucyte® Nuclight Green Lentivirus (EF1a, Puro)

  • Nuclear labeling and real-time quantitation of cell proliferation and viability
  • Multiplexed analyses of apoptosis and cytotoxicity assays when combined with other fluorescent reagents
  • immune cell-killing and the interaction of immune cells with target cancer cells

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Incucyte® Nuclight Green Lentivirus offers a sophisticated, easy-to-use method for nuclear labeling and real-time quantitation of cell proliferation and viability.

Incucyte® Nuclight Lentivirus Reagents enable efficient, non-perturbing, nuclear labeling of living mammalian cells. They are compatible with convenient transduction protocols and enable real-time cell counting and the calculation of cell doubling times.

Incucyte® Nuclight Lentivirus Reagents provide homogenous expression of a nuclear restricted tagGFP2 (green fluorescent protein), mKate2 (red fluorescent protein), TagRFP (orange fluorescent protein) or iRFP713 (NIR fluorescent protein) driven by EF-1α promoter in your choice of primary, immortalized, dividing or non-dividing cells. These reagents are ideal for generating stable cell populations or clones using puromycin or bleomycin selection. Furthermore, the Incucyte® Nuclight Lentivirus Reagents can be combined with the Incucyte® Confluence Metric, Incucyte® Annexin V Dyes, Incucyte® Caspase 3/7 Dyes or Incucyte® Cytotox Dyes for multiplexed measurements of apoptosis, cell proliferation (label-free or fluorescently labeled) or cytotoxicity in every assay well.

Presentation, Storage and Stability

Incucyte® Nuclight Lentivirus Reagents are supplied as 0.2 mL or 0.6 mL vials of 3rd generation HIV-based, VSV-G pseudotyped lentiviral particles suspended in DMEM. Lentiviruses should be handled with utmost care and used only by experienced individuals or under direct supervision. Incucyte® Nuclight Lentivirus Reagents are stable for 6 months from date of receipt when stored at -80°.

Recommended Use

Incucyte® Nuclight Lentivirus can be prepared in full media and added directly to plated cells. We recommend an MOI of 3 to 6, depending on the infected cell type. Optional materials such as the cationic polymer Polybrene® can be added to enhance transduction efficiency.

Post-infection, stable cells may be generated using appropriate antibiotic selection. Please refer to our Product Guide for more information regarding recommended use, protocols, guides and safety information.


  • Application
    • Proliferation  
    • Cell Health  
    • Apoptosis  
  • Assay Type
    • Cell Counting  
    • Cell Health  
    • Proliferation  
    • Viability  
    • Nuclear Labeling  
  • Research Area
    • Cell Proliferation  
    • Cell Function  
    • Cell Health  


  • Device/Instrument Compatibility
    • S3  
    • SX1  
    • SX5  
  • Optical Module
    • Green/Red  
    • Green/Orange/NIR  

General Specifications

  • Color

Product Information

  • Brand
  • Pack Size


  • Volume
    0.6 mL  

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