Microsart® Calibration Reagents

Microsart® Calibration Reagents are isolated genomic DNA preparations, containing 10^8 genome copies of a specific Mycoplasma species per vial.

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Microsart® Calibration Reagents provide isolated genomic DNA of a specific Mycoplasma species. Titrated genomic DNA can serve for creating standard curves by using dilutions of the material as sample in a quantitative Real-time PCR. Furthermore quantified genomic DNA can be used for specifity testing during assay validation.

To obtain the microorganisms, a special liquid culture medium was inoculated with an early passage strain and harvested at the end of the logarithmic growth phase by repeated washing and centrifugation. After DNA extraction and purification the concentration of the DNA was quantified photometrically (A 260/280) and with an ultrasensitive fluorescent nucleic acid stain for quantitating double-stranded DNA (dsDNA) calibrated to weight reference standards and controlled by qPCR (compared against exactly quantified calibrator plasmids).

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