Vivaspin® 500 Centrifugal Concentrators

Top Features

  • Avoids membrane fouling with crossflow technology for low-volume samples
  • Increases process speeds with a high flux design and PES membrane
  • Adapts to your sample needs for concentration and diafiltration of almost any macromolecule
  • Simplifies retentate sample retrieval with the pipette friendly dead-stop pocket

Popular Applications

  • Macromolecule concentration
  • Desalting
  • Buffer exchange

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Vivaspin® centrifugal concentrators are disposable ultrafiltration units for the concentration of most macromolecules - including proteins, viruses, nucleic acids and nanoparticles – thanks to the broad range of molecular weight cut-offs (MWCO).

Vivaspin® 500 is recommended for concentration or diafiltration with initial sample volumes up to 500 µL. It features a vertical membrane for unparalleled filtration speed, typically achieving >90% recoveries in less than 30 minutes. Volume graduations on the housing and filtrate tube allow ultrafiltration progress to be easily monitored. The integral dead-stop pocket enables up to 100-fold concentration factors while eliminating the risk of sample loss and simplifying retentate retrieval.

Application Notes

Product Information

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    Vivaspin® 500