Arium® 613L100, Reverse Osmosis System

Arium® 613L reverse osmosis systems produce up to 300 l/hr for general laboratory applications with high water consumption, to feed ultrapure laboratory water systems, glass rinsing machines, autoclaves etc.

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The Arium®613L reverse osmosis (RO) system has been developed for applications requiring large volumes of RO water on demand. Capable of delivering up to 300 l of purified water per hour the Arium® 613L is an efficient, reliable, low maintenance RO system. The efficient RO membranes reduce water wastage and provide excellent product water quality whilst ensuring high retention rates of water impurities. Water storage is simplified by the use of an integrated 100 l tank, and booster pump. Product water can be readily distributed (2 m3/h at 3.7 bar) to several points of use.

  • Advanced filtration characteristics
  • Compact and robust design
  • Tank system

Filtration characteristics

  • High performance Thin-film composite(TFC) RO membranes
  • Prefiltration housing
  • 5 μm particle filter

Compact and robust design

  • High quality components (Grundfos pump, Danfoss valves)
  • Fully assembled control panel (no additional electrical installations)
  • Integrated alarm functions

Tank system

The Arium® 613L reverse osmosis system is capable of delivering 300 l of purified water per hour and the storage is simplified by the use of an integrated 100 l tank. For greater amounts of water the optional tank systems (200l, 600l or 1000l) are a comfortable solution. A distribution pump is integrated in the system and a whole building can be supplied with ASTM type 3 water. The produced water can be used for feeding glassware machines, autoclaves or air humidifiers and also as feed water for ultrapure water systems.
  • Integrated feed water pump provides constant pressure and permeate flow
  • Permeate distribution pump distributes the product water at a speed of 2 m³/h and 3.7 bar to the point of use

Physicochemical Information

  • Rejection rate of dissolved organics (>300 MW)
    > 99 %  

Product Information

  • Brand


  • Tank Volume
    100 L  

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