Our range of high-quality research use only (RUO) growth factors and cytokines are produced using recombinant DNA technology and do not contain any animal-derived components or contaminants. Stringent purity and bioactivity testing data is available for all proteins.

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Cytokines and growth factors are signaling molecules secreted by various cells of the immune system that play critical roles in regulating immune responses and inflammation. Cytokines and growth factors can act on a variety of different cell types depending on their specific function and target and they are involved in a wide range of functions, including cell growth and differentiation, inflammation, and the coordination of immune responses to pathogens. Research on cytokines and growth factors has contributed significantly to our understanding of the immune system and its role in disease in areas such as autoimmune disease, infectious diseases, developing cytokine-based therapies and vaccines.

Sartorius offers a range of high-quality research use only (RUO) cytokines and growth factors which are produced using recombinant human DNA technology which do not contain any animal-derived components or contaminants. Our cytokines and growth factors are manufactured to the highest quality standards, ensuring high purity and efficacy, providing lot-to-lot consistency and low endotoxicity. Sartorius has implemented a quality management system certified for compliance with ISO 9001.


  • Fully animal-derived and component-free
  • Stringent validation using relevant assay models and workflows provides reliable and reproducible data
  • Supply chain consistency enable seamless transition from research to production
  • Maximum quality and safety reassurance due to state-of-the-art production, stringent control and comprehensive documentation, along with expert technical and regulatory support


  • Intended Use
    Research Use Only (RUO)