BioPAT® Flow Pipe 1/2“ HB

The BioPAT® Flow Pipe size 1/2" HB is a consumable and belongs to the BioPAT® Flow system. The pipe has a length of 124mm and is delivered in a pack of 10 units. The clamp-on transmitter is simply fixed around the pipe and the measurement can take place.

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The BioPAT ® Flow sensors are the world’s only ultra sonic flow meter clamp-ons that use a single-use flow pipe instead of measuring directly on the pipe. The measurement is highly independent of pressure changes as the rigid flow pipe material doesn’t expand or collapse. High pressure applications with up to 5 bar(g) are possible. Clearly defined measurement position as the flow pipe is integrated at a defined position in the tube system. This reduces the risks of operator errors and lower accuracy due to incorrect positioning. When using the BioPAT® Flow single-use pipe in comparison to a measurement directly on the flexible tubing, the accuracy achieved is considerably better and less impacted by the temperature. When installing the sensor into a single-use assembly, it is important to position the sensor so that the pipe is always filled with liquid and does not run dry or catch air bubbles.


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Connections (Physical)

  • Connections
    1/2" HB  


  • Diameter
  • Length
    124 mm  

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    BioPAT® Flow