BioPAT® Pressure Pipe 1/4" HB

The BioPAT® Pressure sensor consists of a multi-use pressure transmitter and a single-use pressure pipe. The BioPAT® Pressure Pipe 1/4" HB (hose barb connection) is used for 1/4" tubing. The pipe is 75.1 mm long and has a diameter of 9 mm.

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The pressure pipes can be integrated into any single-use tube assembly without changing the inner diameter. Once the pressure pipe is assembled onto the transmitter, the silicone membrane on the single-use pressure pipe contacts with the metal membrane on the transmitter. Integrated fixing mechanism in the single-use pressure pipes makes installation easier and guarantees a reliable connection to the pressure transmitter.


  • Usage

Connections (Physical)

  • Connections
    1/4" Hose Barb  


  • Dimensions
  • Length
    75.1 mm  

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  • Brand
    BioPAT® Pressure