The in-line pressure sensors of the BioPAT ® Pressure family provide the right fit for all scales of your bioprocess. The new design allows a high degree of flexibility suitable for more applications in biomanufacturing and includes several improvements, resulting in better longevity, handling and accuracy.

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The BioPAT® Pressure sensor measures the pressure in liquid-flow tubes and converts it into an electrical signal. The BioPAT® Pressure sensor consists of a multi-use pressure transmitter and a single-use pressure pipe. The data can be read out by connecting the transmitter to a process control unit or to a desktop display. The sensors of the BioPAT ® single-use Pressure family are highly chemically resistant and compatible with a broad spectrum of liquids with respect to viscosity, opaqueness, corrosiveness and temperature. The BioPAT ® Pressure sensor uses the piezoresistive effect to accurately and quickly determine the pressure. Once the pressure pipe is assembled onto the transmitter, the silicone membrane on the single-use pressure pipe contacts with the metal membrane on the transmitter. While measuring, pressure variations result in a force applied to membranes that is detected by a piezoresistive pressure sensor inside the transmitter. In addition, an integrated thermometer automatically corrects the influence of temperature in the outlet signal. The BioPAT ® Pressure sensors can be purchased as configured sensor transfer-sets for functional filtration units. The sensors are part of a comprehensive single-use and advanced analytics portfolio that provides robust and reliable measurements of critical process parameters and enables highly automated single-use bioprocessing within your design space.

  • Non-invasive pressure measurement.
  • Available for tube diameters ranging from ¼” to 1” ID.
  • Compatible with a wide range of fluid properties.
  • Automatic temperature compensation.
  • New fixing mechanism integrated in the single-use pressure pipe.