Power Extension Cable for Biosealer® TC.

Biosealer® is a fully automated device used for sterile disconnection, designed to produce permanent and consistent leak free seals on thermoplastic tubing.

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Biosealer® TC is a robust, flexible, and easy to use solution that generates a sterile disconnection of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) tubing.

Extensive range of sealing possibilities in a single device

A single device contains preinstalled standard parameters to seal up to 6 sizes of the 5 popular TPE tubings in the industry. These include Tuflux® TPE, C-Flex® 374, AdvantaFlex™, Sanipure™ BDF, and Pharmed™ BPT.

Enhanced sealing possibilities for larger tubing dimensions

The Biosealer® TC can seal up to 6 sizes of TPE tubings from 1/8” × 1/4” up to 3/4” × 1” (ID × OD) without any accessory. This includes liquid filled conditions.

Increased stability of thermal sealings

The Biosealer® TC provides to the user a wider sealing of 20 mm for a more robust disconnection operation. In addition, a cutting guideline embedded into the seal ensures the operator can make a proper and clean cut with scissors.

Enhanced portability

Due to its reasonably low weight and possibility to be operated on a table or when hung, the Biosealer® TC is portable and can be moved as close as possible to the process area where the sterile disconnection is desired.

Intuitive user interface

Selecting the tubing material and size to be sealed via the Biosealer® TC touch screen is very easy. All key instructions, such as setting and closing the pinch clamps at the right time, are displayed on the screen and need to be acknowledged by the user in order for the process to continue. This ensures consistent sealing quality.


  • Application Area
  • Process Step
    • Media Preparation  
    • Buffer Preparation  
    • Drug Substance Purification  
    • Drug Product Formulation  
    • Cell Harvest & Downstream Processing Intermediates  

Connections (Physical)

  • Disconnection Method
    • Automated Disconnection  
    • Tube Sealing  
  • Disconnection Time
    1 – 4 min. depending on tube size and quality  


  • Tube Size (ID – OD)
    • 1/8" × 1/4" (3.2 mm × 6.4 mm)  
    • 1/4" × 3/8" (6.4 mm × 9.6 mm)  
    • 1/4" × 7/16" (6.4 mm × 11.1 mm)  
    • 3/8" × 5/8" (9.6 mm × 15.9 mm)  
    • 1/2" × 3/4" (12.7 mm × 19.1 mm)  
    • 3/4" × 1" (19.1 mm × 25.4 mm)  

General Specifications

  • Tubing
    • TPE (Tuflux® TPE) - except 1/2" × 3/4" & 3/4" × 1"  
    • TPE (Pharmed® BPT)  
    • TPE (C-Flex®)  
    • TPE (AdvantaFlex®)  
    • TPE (SaniPure™ BDF™) - except 3/4" × 1"  

Materials of Construction

  • Tubing Material
    Synthetic Thermoplastic Elastomer  

Product Information

  • Brand
  • Pack Size
  • Type
    Extension cable 3 m  


  • Delivery Condition
  • Biosealer® Total Containment (pack size: 1)

    Biosealer® Total Containment is a fully automated device used for sterile disconnection. It is designed to consistently produce permanent, leak-free seals on thermoplastic tubing.