Biostat STR® Microbial 50 L

Biostat STR® Microbial is a high-performing single-use fermenter in the conventional stirred-tank design.The instrument is based on a synchronized concept of the three key elements, system hardware (bag holder and control tower), single-use vessel and automation platform.

The bag holder is housing and supporting the bag, with that delivering its functionality. While the control tower comes with a touch-screen HMI, it provides PAT as well as actuator interfaces.

The consumables are composed of the Flexsafe STR® bags and an advanced exhaust line ensuring highest performance and supporting robust microbial processes.

The unique control tower concept with Biobrain®

automation platform allows highest flexibility, easy configuration switch over and stand-alone GMP process supervision.

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The Biostat STR® Microbial combines the advantages of convenient single-use systems with the performance of traditional stainless-steel fermenters. With 11 - 40 L working volume the system allows easy transfer from stainless steel processes to single-use fermentation equipment or scaling from Ambr® 250 High-Throughput or Modular microbial processes.

The instruments can be used in batch and fed-batch mode in late Process Development and small-scale Customer Manufacturing processes.

  • Designed for all types of high-demanding microbial processes
  • Suited for pDNA production
  • Qualified Flexsafe STR® microbial bag for GMP processes
  • Improve productivity and ease of use
  • Achieve superior process control


  • Process Step
    • Process Development  
    • Clinical Trial Manufacturing  

Compliance Information

  • IP Rating
    • IP65 / NEMA 4X for control tower  
    • IP54 / NEMA 12 for bagholder  
  • Quality Standards
    • GAMP 5  
    • ISA 88  
    • OPC-UA  

Connections (Physical)

  • Connectivity
    SCADA (BioPAT® MFCS, DeltaV)  


  • Sensors
    Optical DO  
  • Temperature Sensor

Product Information

  • Brand
    Biostat® STR Generation 3  


  • Maximum Working Volume
    40 L