CellCelector Nanowell Plate, 6 well, Pack of 5

CellCelector Flex 6 well Nanowell plates are available in either a 360k hexagonally shaped (nanowell size and depth: 100 μm and 100 μm) or 1000k UFO shaped (nanowell size and depth: 40 μm and 40 μm) nanowells per plate format, with a non-treated plasma surface on both formats. The recommended glass capillary diameter for the 360k and 1000k formats are 50 µm and 30 µm, respectively.

They are perfectly suited for the screening of antibody/protein producing cells through secretion assays, the co-location of different cell types in the same nanowells for functional studies or receptor/reporter cell assays, the isolation and analysis of rare single cells such as circulating tumor cells and fetal cells, and hybridoma single cell cloning and screening.

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CellCelector Nanowell Plate, 6 wells


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    CellCelector Flex  

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    Pack of 5  


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    360k nanowells