CIMmultus® is a unique and industry-proven line of pre-packed chromatographic monolithic columns featuring large flow-through channels, which make them ideal for purifying large biomolecules such as viruses (AAV, adenovirus, lentivirus, influenza, bacteriophages), nucleic acids (mRNA, pDNA), virus-like particles and exosomes.

Without the need for column packing, CIMmultus® columns are ready for use out of the box.

Available in:

  • Varied monolith volumes
  • Wide range of CIM® chemistries
  • Differing channel sizes

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CIMmultus® Monoliths are reusable chromatography devices for scalable high-resolution purification of complex biological samples. Inside the custom-designed housing is a single-piece stationary phase with homogeneous channel size and surface chemistry. This stationary phase is designed to simplify method transfer from development into production.


  • Available with a wide range of chemistries
  • Various channel size options
  • Scalable from 1 mL to 40 L
  • Single batch use or multiuse
  • cGMP compliant


  • Very fast processes by convective mass transport – resolution independent of flow
  • Ready to use columns
  • High-capacity for large molecules due to fully accessible void volume in the channels
  • Laminar flow minimizes shear stress resulting in high yields

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