Confidence® Validation Services

Confidence® offers a wide range of validation studies according to regulatory requirements and customer's needs.

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  • Sterile Filter Validation
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    Confidence® sterile filter validation includes physicochemical, microbiological, and E&L testing for all bioburden reduction or sterilizing grade filters.

  • Extractables & Leachables Testing
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    The Confidence® E&L validation portfolio includes everything from assessment to testing to safety evaluation, supporting a risk-based validation approach.

  • Single Use System Validation
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    Confidence® single-use system validation is available for a wide range of products used in applications such as final filling, freezing, and thawing, mixing, storage or shipping.

  • Virus Clearance Services
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    Confidence® Validation Services provide GLP and non-GLP virus clearance studies for any purification technology, as well as expert consultation.

  • Particle Validation Standards
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    Confidence® Particle Validation Standards provides certified and customized sets for visual inspection training programs performed at Fill & Finish process.

  • Sartorius has provided validation services to the biopharmaceutical industry for more than 25 years. We have a deep understanding of the regulatory landscape, and we take a tailored and consultative approach with every customer. This makes us the perfect partner to address your validation-related challenges, even after your project is completed.


    • Customer specific services: Our customized approach considering the customer process
    • Proven years of experience: Sartorius has been offering validation studies for more than 25 years
    • Unique expertise in E&L: No unknown extractables in Sartorius products
    • Cost efficiency: The validation scope is defined through a risk-based approach