Dipeptide Analysis by UHPLC-MS/MS

UHPLC-MS/MS based measurement of dipeptides.

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*Custom/bulk order quotes are provided within 72 hours of request.

Deliverables: We will send you a short report summarizing your data within 5 business days (After receipt of samples and if no additional sample preparation is necessary. Valid for sets of more than 5-50 samples).

Sample Requirements: Usually a sample amount of 1 mg (if purity is > 80%) or 0.5 ml is needed for each analytical service. If you are limited in your sample amount, please contact us. We are open to discuss smaller volumes. If you send frozen samples for more than one analysis, it would be desirable to ship them in aliquots, to prevent repeated freezing and thawing.

Samples can be spent cell culture media or cell culture supernatants. Please read and sign our sample declaration sheet. Prepare and ship your samples according to our sample preparation protocol.

Our methods are adapted to state-of-the-art cell culture media.


  • Application
    • Cell Culture Media  
    • Spent Media  
    • Feed Supplements  


  • Sample Volume
    0.5 mL