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Drive Units for LevMixer and Magnetic Mixer

The LevMixer® drive unit is ideal for the homogenization, viral inactivation and formulation of sensitive drug substances and drug products. The Magnetic Mixer drive unit provides powerful mixing to achieve fast powder dissolution of Buffer and Media.

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  • Magnetic Mixer Drive Unit, 110V,US
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    Power Requirements
    100 -120 V
  • LevMixer® Drive Unit

    The LevMixer® drive unit allows for the levitation and rotation of the single-use impeller without surface contact. The levitated impeller eliminates shear effects that can impact your product quality and avoids the generation of aggregates and particles that can reduce your filtration performance. It can ideally be applied for ultra-clean mixing, low-shear mixing, and liquid-liquid mixing, homogenization, and resuspension.

    For downstream intermediate purification and drug substance/product formulation, we recommend using the Low Shear Flexel® for LevMixer®.

    Magnetic Mixer Drive Unit

    The Magnetic Mixer drive unit generates the rotation of the single-use magnetic impeller coupled to a non-shedding ceramic bearing. The strong vertical vortex achieved with the Magnetic Mixer drive unit combined with the baffle effect of the cubical Palletank® design allows for instant downward movement and efficient dissolution of floating powders. The high torque provides a fast dissolution of media powders and an efficient mixing of high concentration buffers or viscous products.

    Both the Magnetic Mixer and the LevMixer® drive units are mobile and card mounted. As a result, a single drive unit can serve multiple Palletank® for Mixing.


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      • LevMixer®
      • Magnetic Mixer
  • Palletank® for Mixing
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    The Palletank® for Mixing is a stainless steel container designed to fit perfectly with the Flexsafe® Pro Mixer bag and drive unit.

    Its ergonomic design and accessories allow users to easily handle the product with simple manipulations.