Entris® II Advanced Line Precision Balances with Internal Adjustment, 10 mg

The Entris® II Advanced Line Precision Balance offers unmatched precision, accuracy, stabilization times, reproducibility and reliability in its class. The Entris® II Advanced Line’s integrated real-time level support enhances result accuracy and eliminates the need for time-intensive manual adjustments, while built-in protection systems allow researchers to securely and reliably save and transfer weighing results.    

Top Features of Entris® II Advanced Line Precision Balances

  • Unique monolithic weigh cell technology, invented by Sartorius for reliable accuracy and precision 
  • Advanced weighing sensors 
  • Graphic touchscreen display  
  • Integrated real-time level sensor alerts users to suboptimal leveling 
  • Convenient and precise isoCAL calibration and adjustment feature   

Popular Applications for Entris® II Advanced Line Precision Balances

  • Routine weighing tasks during research, production, processing and more 

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Unmatched Engineering 

The Entris® II Advanced Line Precision Balance represents the culmination of over 150 years of precise German engineering. The Entris® II Advanced Line guarantees extreme accuracy and unmatched stabilization times thanks to a powerful combination of unique monolithic weighing cell technology and state-of-the-art weighing sensors. The graphic touchscreen user interface allows researchers to quickly and conveniently navigate the intuitive menu, which contains a variety of integrated applications that extend the measurement capability of the Entris® II Essential Line Precision Balance. High-quality stainless steel, PBT and glass materials maximize chemical resistance for enhanced durability, while the coated glass draft shield minimizes weighing errors due to electrostatically charged samples. The Entris® II also improves result error by adapting to ambient effects such as temperature fluctuations and vibrations at the click of a button.   

Benefits of the Advanced Entris® II Precision Balance  

The Entris® II Advanced Line Precision Balance came with a host of exclusive enhancements and expanded features unavailable in the Entris® II Essential Line. The Entris® II Advanced Line provides real-time, continuous level monitoring and support and an integrated protection system with three configurable settings to boost accuracy. The Advanced Line also has an enhanced touchscreen user interface with updated graphics that simplify the weighing process. An expanded weighing range and the pipette SmartTest feature make the Advanced Line perfect for demanding environments, while the additional USB-C connection ports, customizable result printouts, storage of weighing data on USB memory stick and automatic calibration documentation improve the efficiency of the Entris® II Advanced Line and the researchers that use it.


  • Application Programs
    • Animal weighing  
    • Calculation | Free factor  
    • Counting  
    • Density determination  
    • Percentage weighing  
    • Components | Totalizing  
    • Weighing  
    • Dosing  
    • Mixing | Net total  
    • Statistics  
    • Peakhold  
    • Checkweighing  
    • Mass unit conversion  
    • Underfloor weighing  
    • Pipette smart test  

Compliance Information

  • Legal Verification

Connections (Data)

  • Data Interface
    • RS232  
    • USB C  
    • USB-C (Host)  


  • Dimensions WxDxH
    219 × 317 × 94 mm  
  • Weighing Chamber Height
  • Weighing Pan Dimensions
    182 x 182 mm  


  • Adjustment
    Internal automatic (isoCAL)  
  • Anti-Theft Locking Device
    Kensington Lock, lockdown capability for cable or chain  
  • Display
    Graphic display with touch technology  
  • Languages
    English, German, France, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Hungarian  
  • Leveling
    Real-Time Level Support  
  • Repeatability
    10 mg  
  • Scale Interval
    10 mg  
  • Typical Stabilization Time
    ≤0.9 s  
  • Underfloor Weighing

General Specifications

  • Draft Shield
  • External Calibration Weight
    1 kg | F1  
  • Linearity
    20 mg  
  • Minimal Sample Weight according to USP and PhEur (optimal)
  • Sensitivity Drift between +10 °C and +30 °C
    ±2.0 ppm/K  
  • Weighing Units
    Gram, kilogram, carat, pound, ounce, troy ounce, Hong Kong tael, Singapore tael, Taiwan tael, grain, pennyweights, milligram, parts per pound, China tael, mommes, Austrian carat, tola, baht, mesghal and Newton  

Operating Conditions

  • Maximum Weighing Capacity
    1,200 g  
  • Operating Conditions - Temperature
    +10 – +30 °C  

Power Requirements

  • Power Requirements
    100 – 240 VAC, ±10%, 50 – 60 Hz, 0.2 A  
  • Power Requirements (Secondary)
    15 VDC, ±5%, 0.53 A  

Product Information

  • Balance Type
    Precision balance  
  • Brand
    Entris® II  
  • Packaging
    350 × 445 × 250 mm  
  • Product Line
    Entris® II Advanced Line  
  • Laboratory Printer for Balances with GLP, Statistics


    Data printer, verified for use in legal metrology; with date, time, statistics and transaction counter functions

  • In-Use Dust Cover - Entris® II


    In-use dust cover for Entris® II laboratory balances

  • Y-Connector Balance Accessory
    Item no.


    Y-Connector RS232 9-pin (m) > 2 × 9-pin (f) (0.15 m)

  • Display Protection Film; Set of 5


    Display Protection Film; Set of 5

  • Entris® II Power Supply with Plug-In AC Adapter Set


    Power supply unit with connection cable and country-specific power plug adapter

  • Converter cable 5 VDC > 15 VDC


    Converter cable 5 VDC > 15 VDC

  • Data Cable USB-C > USB-B
    Item no.


    Data Cable USB Type C to USB Type B

  • Balance Table
    Item no.


    Balance table made of wood with cast-stone inset for precise, reliable weight measurements

  • Power Supply with Country-Specific Plug-in AC Adaptors - China


    Power Supply with Country-Specific Plug-in AC Adaptors - China

  • Lab Balance RS232 Data Cable


    Data cable (RS232 interface) for connection of a Secura, Quintix or Practum to computer, printer (YDP20-0C#) or second display (YRD03Z-). To prevent any damage to the surface of weights, Sartorius offers you a wide range of accessories for the proper handling, storage and cleaning of weights.

  • Data Cable USB-C > USB-A
    Item no.


    Data Cable USB Type C to USB Type A

  • Ionizer with U-Shaped Electrode - Cubis® II


    Ionizer with U-shaped electrode, 115V, 1 pc

  • Data Cable RS232 9-pin (m) > 9-pin (m)


    Data cable, RS232, D-Sub 9 to D-Sub 9

  • Thermo Transfer and Thermo Direct Printer for GLP Printing


    Thermo transfer and thermo direct printer for GxP printing on standard paper and self-adhesive labels

  • Foot Switch for Laboratory Balances


    Pedal button|foot switch for laboratory balances

  • Lab Balance Power Supply with AC Adaptors


    Power supply with country-specific plug-in AC adaptors.

  • Sartorius Stat-Pen
    Item no.


    Sartorius Stat - Pen, unit to neutralize static electricity on samples or objects to be weighed down to a level of -30V,Pen with a micro switch to aktivate the function, main 100V to 230V -0.1W, 50/60Hz.

  • Natural Stone Balance Table


    Balance table made of natural stone, with vibration dampeners.

  • Kensington Lock Cable (Anti-Theft)


    Kensington Lock anti-theft device

  • Standard Laboratory Printer


    Sartorius Standard Laboratory Printer generates relaiable printouts on paper and on continuous adhesive labels using direct thermal technology.

  • Dust cover for laboratory balances


    Dust cover for laboratory balances

  • Printer ribbon cass. for Epson

  • Printingpaper + thermotransferfoil 90m

  • Below-balance weighing hook, M5 thread

  • Self-adhesive Thermopaper 5 x 24m

  • Self-adhesiv paper+thermotransf.foil 90m

  • Printer paper, YDP02/03/04, 57mmX40m,5ea

  • Thermopaper 5 x 24m
    Item no.

  • Data output for YDP20-0CE
    Item no.

  • bubble level sensor
    Item no.

  • Lifting device
    Item no.

  • supporting pan
    Item no.

  • locking slide
    Item no.

  • Shock Absorber (set of 4 pieces)

  • transport lock cap (2 pieces)

  • windshield frame
    Item no.

  • Temperature sensor PT1000

  • null indicator subassembly

  • weighing pan, 180x180mm
    Item no.

  • levelling screw
    Item no.

  • collapsible box
    Item no.

  • pan connection
    Item no.

  • pressure plate (level indicator)

  • cushion set
    Item no.

  • Power Supply with Country-Specific Plug-in AC Adaptors - China


    Power Supply with Country-Specific Plug-in AC Adaptors - China