Gammasart ATD™ - Gamma irradiated

In order to meet your process requirement needs, several different variants of the Gammasart ATD™ connector are available for purchase: stand-alone non-sterile, stand-alone gamma irradiated, or pre-assembled, pre-validated and pre-sterilized on a single-use system.

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The SART System™ consists of an external port, an internal port, and a disposable connection device – the Gammasart ATD™.

When you select the Gammasart ATD™ connector, you benefit from excellent system flexibility. The Gammasart ATD™ connector may be connected and disconnected from the SART Port up to three times without compromising the environment integrity. This contributes to higher process robustness in case of production troubles.

The Gammasart ATD™ connector may be sterilized by autoclave or gamma irradiation, making it compatible for use either with traditional vessels or with fully single-use fluid handling technologies.

The Gammasart ATD™ connector has been designed to insure a proper fit with 3/8-inch (9.52 mm) and 5/16-inch (7.92 mm) tubing.

The Gammasart ATD™ connector have been extensively qualified for use in critical applications within biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes. The Gammasart ATD™ connectors are 100 percent air leak tested as a condition of lot release. In addition, the internal port of the SART System™ is tested at 350 mBars. A validation guide is available.

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The SART System™ is designed to secure the aseptic transfer of sterile liquid into a sterile final filling environment. With its small dimensions, the SART System™ Port can easily be installed on Isolator or RABS (Restricted Access Barrier System) panels.