Hamilton ML630 complete package incl. density meter

The Hamilton Microlab® 600 series dispenser is a highly precise syringe pump designed to quickly and easily dilute and dispense fluids. This positive displacement system provides better than 99% accuracy, independent of a liquid’s viscosity, vapor pressure, and temperature. The inert fluid path minimizes sample carryover and is compatible with harsh chemicals.

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Automated liquid handling with highest accuracy (± 0.1%) and precision (± 0.2%)
High-performance 48.000 step per stroke syringe drive

  • high-accuracy aspiration and dispensing of fluids
  • high-precision in handling even very small volumes, as well as volatile, viscous, and dense liquids
  • solvent volume based on sample weight: assures accuracy and precision reducing expensive analytes use and solvent waste
  • Chemically inert: Fluid path made of borosilicate glass, PTFE and CTFE resistant to harsh solvents

Closed fluid path

  • no contamination risk
  • cost-effective: no expensive glassware, no costly cleaning and decontamination necessary

SCAT solvent safety kit ensures safe use of solvents without user exposure

Please select from the following accessories to complete the dispenser:

  • 69Y03295 Serial RS232 cable for connecting the dispenser to Cubis MSA balances
  • YDO01MS-R Additional serial interface for parallel operation of printer and dispensing unit on Cubis MSA balances
  • YAPP16 Dosing application for controlling the dispenser for the automatic production of standards
  • YDU-20 SD card for storing data when using software application YAPP16

Compliance Information

  • Compliance
    FCC Part 15, Class B EMC: EN 61326-1, Class B  
  • Test Certificates and Approvals
    CE, CSA Installation category I and Pollution degree 2  


  • Dimensions
    177.8 × 139.7 × 266.7 mm  

Operating Conditions

  • Relative Humidity
    20 – 90% (non-condensing)  

Power Requirements

  • Power Requirements
    100 – 240 V 1.5A max 50 – 60 Hz  

Product Information

  • Brand


  • Volume
    1.0 μL – 50 mL  
Hamilton ML630 Tubing Set


Hamilton ML630 Tubing Set

Hamilton ML630 Dispenser Solvent Reservoir Set


Hamilton ML630 dispenser solvent reservoir set

Hamilton ML630 Valve, Plug


Hamilton Valve and plug for ML630

Data Interface Module - Cubis® I


Field upgradeable interface module for Cubis®

Hamilton Syringe - Cubis® I


Hamilton ML630

SanDisk® SD-Card SDHC - Cubis® I


Data storage solutions for Cubis® I

Hamilton Syringe - Cubis® I


Hamilton ML630

Hamilton Hand Probe Holder - Cubis® I


Hamilton Microlab holder for hand probe

Cubis® I Software Application for Lab Balance Precision Dosing


Application features a database for solvents, components and samples and guides the user through the complete process of preparation of single or mixed standards of defined concentration.

RS-232 cable
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