High Resolution - OEM Weigh Cell, WZA26-HC

Capacity: 20 g

Readability: 1 μg

Preload: 12.5 g

The High Resolution system as well the electronic are designed for high-precision industrial applications.

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The weigh cell consist of two parts:

  • A monolithic weighing system in stainless steel IP44 housing
  • Stainless steel electronic box, all connection via the front
  • Force compensation technology system with a resolution of 1 µg
  • Superb electronics for 20 Mio. step resolution
  • Internal calibration weight for easy checks in automated environments
  • Load receptor with overload protection
  • Possibility for under floor weighing
  • Fast warm-up by separation of weighing system and electronics
  • USB|RS232C interface for configuration and data transfer
  • Optional PC-software with menu setting, weigh data display and internal calibration functions
  • Applications can be found in weighing of samples in automated system, manual pipette calibration and in automated liquid control, e.g. LCD productions


  • Repeatability
    ≤± 1 µg  
  • Scale Interval
    1 µg  

Operating Conditions

  • Maximum Weighing Capacity
    20 g  
  • Preload
    12.5 g  

Product Information

  • Pack Size
  • Main Cord, 3-wires, South-Africa

  • Main cord, 3-wires, Italy

  • Main Cord, 3-wires, Japan
    Item no.

  • Main Cord, 3-wires, South Korea

  • Cord Set, 3-wires, Australia/Newseeland

  • Set of Thermo protecting covers

  • lifting frame set
    Item no.

  • TNG10, SMPS without 3-pin cordset

  • Main cord, 3-wires, Argentina

  • Shielding bushing
    Item no.

  • Main cord, 3-wires, Denmark

  • Cord Set, 3-wires, China

  • Main cord, 3-wires, Schweiz

  • Power socket with filter pcb

  • system wiring pcb
    Item no.

  • Packaging, cpl.
    Item no.

  • null indicator subassembly

  • Cord Set, 3-wires, Israel

  • Cord Set, 3-wires, United Kingdom

  • Main Cord, 3-wires, India

  • Main cord, 3 wires, Brasil

  • Collapsible box (DF/DM)
    Item no.