Hipersep® Flowdrive Pilot Preparative HPLC Chromatography System

A flexible HPLC System for clinical manufacturing and process development.

The Hipersep® Flowdrive Pilot is a modular, compact and ergonomic system designed to minimize cross-contamination risk.

  • Build in flexibility with over 1,000 possible configurations that integrate with columns from 50 to 150 mm ID
  • Minimize risk of cross contamination with a sanitary, easy-to-clean concept
  • Save facility space with a compact and ergonomic design

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From clinical manufacturing to process development, Hipersep® Flowdrive Pilot is a preparative HPLC system designed for the purification of peptides, oligonucleotides, insulin and other small molecules.

  • A highly technical yet easy-to-use unit,
  • A unique compact design (2.5 m² footprint),
  • The power of the Hipersep® Flowdrive SC software.