Hipersep® Varicol Multi-Column and Continuous HPLC Chromatography

Hipersep® Varicol is a multi-column continuous chromatography concept particularly well-suited to large-scale separation of binary mixtures (e.g., enantiomers) and fractionation of complex mixtures. This technology is designed to adapt seamlessly to users’ specific requirements.

  • A robust continuous process
  • Cost-effective and highly productive
  • Up to 99.97% of solvent recycled at commercial scale

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Used for producing a number of commercial APIs at multi-ton scale, our patented Hipersep® Varicol technology, an extraordinarily well-performing alternative to the well-known SMB (Simulated Moving Bed) process, is a powerful production tool for pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals.

A robust continuous process

  • One long batch column is replaced by a loop of 3 to 6 shorter columns
  • Only pure fractions are collected leaving mixed fractions to recirculate

Cost-effective and highly productive

  • 2 to 10-times more productive than a batch process, such as HPLC
  • Lowest operating costs
  • Optimized usage of stationary phase
  • 15 to 30% more productive than SMB with less columns

Up to 99.97% of solvent recycled at commercial scale

Hipersep® Varicol is a multi-column continuous process with a non-synchronous shifting of the inlet and outlet lines. The number of columns periodically varies in each zone of the system. This ensures a more efficient use of stationary phase and a higher productivity compared to traditional SMB.