In-Line Polycarbonate Filter Holders

Top Features of In-Line Polycarbonate Filter Holders

  • Stable construction
  • Easy operation

Top Applications for In-Line Polycarbonate Filter Holders

  • Sterile filtration
  • Analytical sample preparation
  • Particle analysis

Filter Diameter
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Innovative Design

The bell-shaped base protects the filtrate from repeated contamination while flowing in a receiver. The holder is characterized by an excellent resistance to pressure and density setting by simple hand-tightening. The transparent top part allows the visual control of the correct fit of the O-ring. The hose nipples can be replaced by luer connectors to use it as a large area syringe filter holder.


  • Application
  • Application Area
    • Sterile filtration
    • Analytical sample preparation
    • Particle analysis

Compliance Information

  • Electrical / Battery item

Connections (Physical)

  • Connectors
    M12x1 female thread
  • Threads for Connectors
    M 12 + 1 female thread


  • Filter Diameter
    ⌀ 50 mm
  • Filtration Area
    12.5 cm²
  • Suitable Membrane Filter Diameter
    50 mm

Materials of Construction

  • Materials of Construction

Operating Conditions

  • Maximum Operating Pressure
    7 bar (102 psi)

Physicochemical Information

  • Chemical Compatibility
    As for polycarbonate, polypropylene and silicone

Product Information

  • Filter Holder Type
    In-Line Filter Holders
  • Pack Size
  • Packaging
    Box, folding

Usage Protocols

  • Sterilization Procedures
    By autoclaving at 121 °C

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