Incucyte® Advanced Label-Free Classification Analysis Software Module

Top Features of the Incucyte® Advanced Label-Free Classification Analysis Software Module

  • Utilize integrated multivariate analysis and smart default settings for classifying morphological differences
  • Track adherent cell populations kinetically and easily visualize changes in morphology
  • Achieve consistent results with objective analysis using microplate formats, unlocking significant throughput
  • Create and export data of from thousands of analyzed images with intuitive software
  • Module requires Incucyte® Cell-By-Cell Analysis Software Module (Cat. No. 9600-0031)

Popular Applications for the Incucyte® Morphological Analysis

  • Label-free Classification
  • Cell Health & Viability

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The Incucyte® Advanced Label-Free Classification Analysis add-on for the Incucyte® Cell-by-Cell Analysis enables automated identification of cell morphology changes using label-free, integrated image acquisition, segmentation and multi-variate analysis of cell shape. Track biological changes using unbiased, smart defaults – opening up new possibilities in comparison of test results across experiments to:

  • Classify cells automatically and label-free based on morphology
  • Perform unbiased analysis of cell morphology
  • Conduct label-free phenotypic screening

Capturing data-rich information without the use of fluorescent labels has never been easier! Application: Morphological Analysis

*Not available for the Incucyte® Zoom or FLR Live-Cell Analysis Systems


  • Application
    Morphological Analysis  


  • Device/Instrument Compatibility
    • S3  
    • SX1  
    • SX5  

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