Incucyte® AI Cell Health Analysis Software Module

Top Features of the Incucyte® AI Cell Health Analysis Software Module

  • Accurate and robust label-free analysis to determine live versus dead cells – no fluorescent dyes needed
  • Objective, repeatable results based on training sets containing millions of cells
  • Ever-expanding library of cell types and experiment scenarios

Popular Applications for the Incucyte® AI Cell Health Analysis

  • Label-free Viability

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Incucyte® analysis now makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to process label-free images to identify and measure cells utilizing machine learning techniques and neural networks. AI Cell Health Analysis offers streamlined solutions for your research projects. Simplify the complexity of classifying live versus dead cells using artificial intelligence (AI)-driven image analysis - with no need for labels. Incucyte® AI Cell Health Analysis Software provides a powerful workflow that supports your entire research team.

The Incucyte® AI Cell Health Analysis Software Module is available to purchase for all S-series instruments and requires a GPU co-processor (BA-04870) installed as a drop-in hardware upgrade to the controller and 2022B software version. Optional further classification of cell populations based on label-free, or fluorescence parameters (fluorescence intensity within cell boundary) is available in this software module.

*Not available for the Incucyte® Zoom or FLR Live-Cell Analysis Systems


  • Application
    Label-Free Viability


  • Device/Instrument Compatibility
    • SX5
    • SX1
    • S3

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