Incucyte® Annexin V Dye for Apoptosis

One vial of lyophilized solid sufficient for 100-200 live-cell apoptosis tests (1 test = 1 well of 96-well microtiter plate) in 96-well format.

Top Features of Incucyte® Annexin V Dye for Apoptosis

  • Detect apoptosis using a highly-selective phosphatidylserine cyanine fluorescent dye
  • Track relevant biology with a dye that is non-perturbing to cell health and morphology
  • Reduce loss of precious or compromised cells under-going apoptosis with mix-and-read reagents

Popular Applications for Incucyte® Annexin V Dye for Apoptosis

  • Apoptosis/cell death quantification
  • Immune cell killing
  • Multiplexed measurements such as cytotoxicity and proliferation when combined with other Incucyte® products, including Incucyte® Caspase 3/7 Dyes, Incucyte® Nuclight Reagents, Incucyte® Cytotox Dyes and Incucyte® Confluence Metrics

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Incucyte® Annexin V Dye for Apoptosis is a specially formulated, highly-selective phosphatidylserine (PS) cyanine fluorescent dye, designed for real-time evaluation of apoptosis in living cultures.

Addition of the Incucyte® Annexin V Dyes to normal healthy cells is non-perturbing to cell growth or morphology and yields little or no intrinsic fluorescent signal. Once cells become apoptotic, plasma membrane phosphatidylserine (PS) asymmetry is lost leading to exposure of PS to the extracellular surface and binding of the Incucyte® Annexin V Dye, yielding a bright and photostable fluorescent signal.

Presentation, Storage and Stability

Incucyte® Annexin V Dyes are supplied as single vial lyophilized solids, with each vial providing sufficient quantity capable of performing 100 tests (1 test = 1 well of a 96-well microtiter plate). The lyophilized solid should be stored at -20° C and is stable for two years. Once solubilized, the solution should be stored at +4° C and protected from light. The reconstituted solution is stable for one week.

Recommended Use

We recommend solubilizing Incucyte® Annexin V Dyes by adding 100 μL of full media or PBS. The reagents may then be diluted in full media containing at least 1 mM CaCl2 for direct addition to cells seeded in a 96-well plate to yield a final dilution of 1:200.

For Incucyte® Annexin V NIR Dye, further optimization may be required to account for spectral unmixing during multiplexing experiments (see “Multiplexing with Annexin V NIR Dye” section of Product Guide in Documents tab).

When used in an Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System, we recommend data collection every 2–3 hours.


  • Application
    • Apoptosis  
    • Spheroid Cell Health  
  • Assay Type
    • Cell Health  
    • Viability  
  • Research Area
    Cell Health  


  • Device/Instrument Compatibility
    • SX1  
    • S3  
    • SX5  
  • Optical Module

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