Incucyte® Mouse IgG2b Fabfluor-488 Kit for Live-Cell Immunocytochemistry

One vial (50 µg) of lyophilized conjugate and one vial (200 µL) of Incucyte® Opti-Green background suppressor sufficient for labeling surface expressed proteins in 96-well format.

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The Incucyte® Fabfluor-488 Antibody Labeling Dye is designed for quick, easy labeling of Fc-containing test antibodies with a green fluorophore. Once labeled the Incucyte Fabfluor-488-antibody complex, in combination with Incucyte® Opti-Green background suppressor, can be used for identification of surface expressed antigens in live-cells. The Incucyte Fabfluor-488 Dye is specifically formulated for use in the Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System and can be added directly to tissue culture wells using a no wash, simple mix and read immunocytochemistry protocol for the real-time, kinetic evaluation of live-cell surface protein expression and distribution.


  • Application
  • Assay Type
    Antibody Labeling  

Biological Information

  • Species +/- Isotype
    Mouse IgG2b  
  • Target


  • Device/Instrument Compatibility
    • S3  
    • SX1  
    • SX5  
  • Optical Module
    • Green/Red  
    • Green/Orange/NIR  

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