Incucyte® SX1 Live-Cell Analysis System

Top Features of the Incucyte® SX1 Live-Cell Analysis System

  • Two-color Green/Red fluorescence plus HD phase contrast imaging
  • 4X, 10X or 20X objectives – single position use
  • Interchangeable tray to support over 700 vessels

Top Applications for the Incucyte® SX1 Live-Cell Analysis System 

  • Cell health and proliferation
  • Cell movement and morphology
  • Assays for 3D models

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The Incucyte® SX1 Live-Cell Analysis System is designed to provide smaller labs with a reliable and efficient way to monitor and analyze cell behavior for days, weeks or months in real time. The Incucyte® SX1 is a two color (green/red fluorescence) system with HD phase contrast imaging that can support up to two microplates in parallel. It comes standard with a 10X objective and the option to purchase 4X and 20X objectives separately. The system has a robust suite of applications: cell health and viability, cell function, cell movement and morphology, cell monitoring and workflows and assays for 3D models.   

Incucyte® SX1 is designed to keep cells stationary in the stable environment of your incubator while Incucyte® optics move below to capture biology as it unfolds – meaning no disruption to your cell cultures. The intuitive integrated software allows for easy data capture and analysis, giving detailed insights into cell behavior while producing powerful visualizations of images and kinetic measurements. The Incucyte® SX1 Live-Cell Analysis System is an essential tool for economical labs looking to gather more biological insights with advanced live-cell imaging and analysis capabilities.


  • Application
    • Spheroid Growth Assay  
    • Phagocytosis  
    • Antibody Internalization  
    • Cell Health  
    • Cytotoxicity  
    • Spheroid Cell Health  
    • Immune Cell Killing  
    • Immunocytochemistry  
    • Chemotaxis  
    • Morphological Analysis  
    • Neurite Analysis  
    • Proliferation  
    • Scratch Wound  
    • Angiogenesis  
    • Kinase Activity  
    • Label-Free Viability  
    • Neurite Outgrowth  
    • Organoid Culture QC  
    • Scratch Wound Migration and Invasion Assays  
    • Apoptosis  


  • Incubator Size
  • Independent Vessel Scheduling
  • Memory Data Storage
    64 GB  
  • Microplate Capacity
  • Multi-objective Scheduling
  • Number of Interchangeable Trays
  • Objective Automation
  • Optical Module
  • Remote Network Capability
  • Total Fluorescence Channels

Power Requirements

  • Line Voltage
    100-240 VAC 50 | 60Hz  

Product Information

  • Brand

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