Ionizer with U-Shaped Electrode - Cubis® II

Ionizer with U-shaped electrode, 115V, 1 pc

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Ionizer with U-Shaped Electrode:

  • Includes 115V power supply

  • For use with Cubis II

  • Made by HAUG


  • Device/Instrument Compatibility
    Cubis® II  

Power Requirements

  • Line Voltage

Product Information

  • Brand
    Cubis® II  
  • Pack Size
Cubis® II Analytical Configurable Lab Balances

Weighing in a regulated environment can be complex, with stringent compliance directives and controls required to deliver the accuracy and reliability of results. One of the technologies helping scientists achieve this level of accuracy is the Cubis® II balance.

All weighing modules of the Cubis® II balance are designed for intuitive operation, further aided by intelligent diagnostic systems. These design elements guarantee a higher degree of repeatability for different workflows while lowering probability of human error during measurement. It offers modern user interfaces, pharmaceutical and GxP compliance, including data handling, data integrity and connectivity, ergonomic sample handling, easy process integration and unlimited communication.

Top Features of Cubis® II Balances:

  • Fully customizable in four easy steps
  • Custom modularity with thousands of hardware/software applications
  • Confident compliance (21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11) and complete traceability
  • Seamless connectivity

Popular Applications for Cubis® II Balances

  • Pharma compliant weighing
  • Pipette checking according to DIN EN ISO 8655
  • Chemical analysis and consumer care