iQue® Enhanced Cartridge Kit

The iQue® Enhanced Cartridge Supplies much-needed fluids for your


system. A Starter kit which includes one of each of the standard cartridges. For example, the 4 Pack contains: (1) Qsol cartridge (1) Flush cartridge (1) Clean cartridge (1) Rinse cartridge Top Features of the iQue® Enhanced Cartridge Kit:

  • Automated Processing
  • User-Friendly Operations
  • Built-In Liquid Level Detection

Popular Applications for the iQue® Enhanced Cartridge Kit:

  • Supply fluids for iQue3

Note: This product is not returnable. If you have any issues with this product, please contact your Sartorius sales representative for assistance.

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The enhanced rinse station holds the cartridges which supply fluids to the probe. These fluids are used to clean, maintain proper air-liquid gaps and supply marker beads. The station monitors liquid levels in each cartridge in real time. The station also includes a microfuge tube holder which can vortex and resuspend the microfuge tube contents before sampling. Enhanced Cartridge Kits are only compatible on iQue3® systems running iQue Forecyt® versions 7.1 or higher. Cartridges expire 30 days after opening.


Each fluid cartridge holds 37mL, sufficient to run > 100 384-well plates. Run time is dependent on protocol.


Qsol cartridges should be stored at room temperature. Once opened, store at 2-8°C. Store Rinse, Clean and Flush cartridges at Room Temperature.

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