iQue® Proliferation & Encoding Dye (R/Red) Kit

Perform easy, multiplexed high-throughput screening using the iQue® Proliferation & Encoding Dye (R/Red) Kit.

Top Features of the iQue® Proliferation & Encoding Dye (R/Red) Kit

  • Straightforward workflow for measuring cell proliferation or multiple encoded cell populations
  • Cell Encoder enables labeling of many standard cell lines
  • No-wash protocol

Popular Applications for the iQue® Proliferation & Encoding Dye (R/Red) Kit

  • Fluorescent cell encoding
  • Measurement of cell proliferation, multiple encoded cell populations, and other biological endpoints in each sample
  • Multiplexed applications

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The iQue® Cell Proliferation and Encoder Kit consist of dyes that are designed for ease-of-use, multiplexing and high-throughput screening.

Proliferation Measurement

The iQue® Proliferation & Encoding Dye (R/Red) Kit features proprietary, spectrally distinct and cell-permeable dyes that fluoresce after binding to either primary amine groups or glutathione, respectively.

Minimal Cytotoxicity and Increased Stability

With minimal cytotoxicity and increased stability for long-term studies, up to six generations of proliferated cells can be observed, with no fluorescence intensity gaps between the first and second generation .

Encoding Applications

When used for encoding applications, the iQue® Proliferation & Encoding Dye (R/Red) Kit offers a robust and flexible solution for labeling (encoding) two to four different cell populations at different intensities in a single fluorescent channel.

Versatile, Safe Options

The iQue® Proliferation & Encoding Dye (R/Red) Kit is offered with two dye options. With two options conveniently provided in one kit, you have more ways to measure cell proliferation. These dyes are safe and non-toxic to you and the cells.

Multiplexed Applications

Sartorius offers a versatile range of iQue® kits for multiple applications. Notably, the Proliferation & Encoding Dye (R/Red) Kit can be multiplexed with other iQue® kits - including the iQue® Qbeads® PlexScreen kits - for richer content. The proliferation dyes can be multiplexed with many other iQue® reagents.

Dye Dilution Principle

The iQue® Proliferation & Encoding Dye (R/Red) Kit functions on the principle of dye dilution. Cell proliferation is detected and quantified based on halving or “dilution” of the loaded dye after each round of cellular division.

Differing Fluorescent Intensity

Analysis is simple and easy to visualize. Proliferating cells will have decreasing amounts of dye, corresponding to lower fluorescence intensity. Dead or latent cells will maintain the initial dye intensity, enabling easy discrimination between proliferated and non-proliferated cells.


  • Application
    Cell Health and Proliferation  
  • Research Area

Biological Information

  • Target


  • Device/Instrument Compatibility
    • iQue® Screener  
    • iQue® Screener PLUS  
    • iQue®3  

General Specifications

  • Laser Configuration
    • Blue-Red  
    • Violet-Blue-Red  
  • Reagents and Kits Type
    Cell Proliferation and Encoding Dye (R/Red)  

Product Information

  • Brand
  • Pack Size
    5 X 384 wells  

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