LipidBrick® is a novel range of proprietary cationic lipids dedicated to the formulation of LNPs for the development of mRNA-based vaccines and therapeutics.

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LipidBrick® is a unique library composed of innovative proprietary imidazolium-based cationic lipids dedicated to the formulation of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs). These active lipids safeguard mRNA molecules and enhance the transfection ability of LNPs. Each LipidBrick® lipid is permanently charged; therefore, unlike ionizable lipids, it confers an overall positive charge to LNPs, which induces extra-hepatic tropism. In addition, delivery efficacy and biodistribution can be fine-tuned by screening the LipidBrick® library to select the most suitable LipidBrick® lipid for each specific application therapeutic need.

Key Benefits:

  • Efficient: Modulate LNP properties to adapt biodistribution to therapeutic goals.
  • Secure: Unique structure protected by an independent patent held by Polyplus (now part of Sartorius).
  • Time-Saving: In vitro and in vivo proof of concept studies have been successfully performed.
  • Flexible: Versatile library for selecting the best LipidBrick® for each application.


  • Application
    Active cationic lipids for LNP formulation  

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    LipidBrick® IM21.7c 250 mg  

Storage Conditions

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    -20 °C ± 5 °C