Male Coupling for 4 mm Pneumatic Tubing

Use in combination with the Air Pressure Controller (VCA002) and 4 mm pneumatic tubing.

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Spare | replacement male coupling for Air Pressure Controller (APC, VCA002). The male coupling connects quickly and simply to the female coupling on the base of the APC and 4 mm O.D. pneumatic tubing. This enables precise delivery of compressed air or gas into Vivaspin® 20|100 concentrators, via a charge valve or female coupling (VCA005 or VCA010, respectively), and the appropriate pressure head (VCA200 or VCA800, respectively). It is required for pressurization of Vivaspin® 20 devices, and also useful when a Vivaspin® 100 device must have constant pressure applied or cannot be pressurized directly from the female coupling on the base of the APC.

Compliance Information

  • Animal Components
  • Electrical / Battery item

Connections (Physical)

  • Connector
    Male, quick release  

Materials of Construction

  • Materials of Construction
    • Polyoxymethylene (POM)  
    • Aluminum (ALU)  

Product Information

  • Pack Size
  • Vivaspin® 100 Pressure Head with 5 Seals


    Use in combination with Vivaspin® 100 and Air Pressure Controller (VCA002).

  • Vivaspin® 20 Pressure Head


    Use in combination with Vivaspin® 20, Charge Valve (VCA005) and Air Pressure Controller (VCA002).