Mark 3 LTE standard control module for standard heating module LMA110SQ-000U, without printer

Standard control module for standard heating module with IR-quartz heater LMA110SQ-000U

Item No.: 

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  • for up to two heating modules
  • internal method memory for 60 programs

Product Information

  • Brand
    Mark 3  
  • Line Driver PCA, Mark 3
    Item no.

  • Packaging Set, Complete, LMA100/110

  • Keypad, Membrane Sw. & Overlay, 4-button

  • Display, PP/PH/MMA30
    Item no.

  • Base, Heater & Control Module

  • Cover, Molded, App Module, Mark 3, Grey

  • Assy, PCB, Prog., Mark 3 User Interface

  • Keypad Overlay & Membr Sw, 4-Btn, Mark 3

  • Keypad Overlay & Membr Sw, 18-Btn,

  • Kit, Service, Leveling Feet, APX
    Item no.
    69TC0280 Discontinued

  • Lens, Display Window, App. Module, Mk 3

  • Module, Weighing, Service, Mark 3 HP

  • Assy, Prog PCB, Mark 3 Auto Cal

  • Plate, Connector, Measurement Module

  • Screw,  6, Self-tapping, Pan
    Item no.
    69TC0070 Discontinued

  • PCB, Programmed, Main, Sartorius

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