Octet® R2, 2-Channel Protein Analysis System

Top Features of Octet® R2

  • Affordable label-free assay system for academic and startup labs
  • Flexible second channel for use as a reference or more samples
  • Upgrade to 4 or 8-channel Octet R-Series for higher throughput during a single field service visit, without trading in the old model.

Popular Applications for Octet® R2

  • Binding Kinetics and Affinity
  • Concentration analysis
  • Potency analysis

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The Octet® R2 System is a multipurpose instrument for early research and discovery that characterizes protein interactions and measures active protein concentrations in complex mixtures. It is highly sensitive and can analyze small molecules as small as 150 Da in size, and their larger binding partners to determine accurate kinetics rates.

  • Affordable High-Quality Interaction Analysis: Octet® R2 System is a cost-effective option for academic and biotech labs. It provides high-quality interaction analysis without the use of microfluidics, making it perfect for binding kinetics. The 2-channel system is suitable for low-throughput applications, providing a low-cost entry point without compromising performance.
  • Versatile and Multipurpose: This system analyzes protein-protein and protein-small molecule binding interactions, important in early research and discovery. It can measure active protein concentrations or potency in complex mixtures
  • Scalability and Flexibility: The Octet® R2 is a scalable system that can be upgraded as per the lab requirements. The system comes with two channels initially, but it can be easily field-upgraded to a 4-channel or 8-channel system. This upgrade can be done in a single visit by a field service engineer, eliminating the need to exchange the old model


  • Operation
  • Plate Compatibility
    96 Well  
  • Sample Plate Capacity

General Specifications

  • Affinity Range
    1 mM to 10 pM  
  • Analysis time per 96 samples (Concentration)
    120 min  
  • Analysis time per 96 samples (Kinetics)
    10 hr  
  • Analyte MW Range
    > 150 Da  
  • Association rate
    10¹ to 10⁷ M⁻¹ s⁻¹  
  • Channels
  • Crude sample compatibility
  • Dissociation rate
    10⁻⁶ to 0.1 s⁻¹  
  • External Automation
  • Orbital Flow Capacity
    Static or 1000 – 2,600 RPM  
  • Temperature Range
    15-40 C  

Operating Conditions

  • Minimum Operating Volume
    200 µL