Octet-RH96, 96 Channel Ultra High Throughput Protein Analysis System with GxP Package

Top Features of Octet-RH96 96 Channel Ultra High Throughput Protein Analysis System with GxP Package

  • Analyze up to 96 samples simultaneously
  • Quantitate a full 96-well plate of IgGs in two minutes
  • Perform a 32 x 32 epitope binning campaign in less than eight hours - Use in-tandem, sandwich, or pre-mix assay formats to perform epitope binning. Analyze samples directly from supernatants or lysates.
  • Streamline workflows with automation
  • Octet® RH96 GxP package ensures regulatory compliance with CFR21 Part 11 software, IQOQ kits, protocols, and services.

Popular Applications for Octet-RH96 96 Channel Ultra High Throughput Protein Analysis System with GxP Package

  • Binding Kinetics and Affinity
  • Concentration analysis
  • Potency analysis
  • Epitope binning
  • Lead screening

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The Octet RH96 GxP package provides a complete set of products, software, and services to ensure GxP compliance. It is an excellent option for quality control labs involved in biopharmaceutical development and manufacturing that require fast results and high throughput. The Octet RH96 GxP package includes various tools to develop validated assay methods on the Octet® BLI platform. These tools simplify operations for analytical development and regulated quality control labs. The package is tailored for lot release and in-process testing for ligand binding, concentration, and impurity analysis in upstream and downstream processes​​. Key product highlights and services includes;

  • Comprehensive Installation and Operational Qualification: The Octet® instrument package includes an IQ/OQ kit and services that offer comprehensive documentation and verification. This ensures that the instrument and its accessories are installed and operating accurately. The kit guarantees that critical components, such as the optical system, plate temperature, system alignment, lamp performance, and shaker speed, meet the manufacturer's specified standards
  • Octet® 21 CFR Part 11 Software: This software is designed to assist in meeting FDA regulations by providing essential technical and administrative features. It offers controlled access with multiple user levels and a structured set of permissions that cater to different laboratory roles and privileges. This helps to ensure secure, compliant, and efficient management of laboratory data, making it an indispensable tool for regulated environments.
  • Software Validation Package: The Octet® Software Validation Package is designed for researchers working in GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) or GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) laboratories. It offers the most comprehensive set of documentation and tools for validating the features and functions of the Octet® GxP Server Monitor and Octet® CFR Software. This package ensures that the software adheres to industry standards and regulatory requirements, making it an essential component for laboratories seeking to maintain the highest level of compliance and data integrity​

The Octet RH96 GxP package includes:

  • The Octet® RH16 system for biomolecular detection using label-free analysis
  • Latest Octet® 21 CFR Part 11 Software
  • Software Validation Package
  • IQ/OQ Kit, and Manual,
  • IQ/OQ Service
  • PM/OQ Service


  • Operation
  • Plate Compatibility
    • 96 Well  
    • 384 Well  
  • Sample Plate Capacity

General Specifications

  • Affinity Range
    1 mM to 10 pM  
  • Analysis time per 96 samples (Concentration)
    2 min  
  • Analysis time per 96 samples (Kinetics)
    0.2 hr  
  • Analyte MW Range
    > 150 Da  
  • Association rate
    10¹ to 10⁷ M⁻¹ s⁻¹  
  • Channels
  • Crude sample compatibility
  • Dissociation rate
    10⁻⁶ to 0.1 s⁻¹  
  • External Automation
  • Orbital Flow Capacity
    Static or 1000 – 2,600 RPM  
  • Temperature Range
    4 C above ambient to 40 C  

Operating Conditions

  • Minimum Operating Volume
    40 µL