Octet-RH96, 96 Channel Ultra High Throughput Protein Analysis System

Top Features of Octet RH96

  • Analyze up to 96 samples simultaneously
  • Quantitate a full 96-well plate of IgGs in two minutes
  • Perform a 32 x 32 epitope binning campaign in less than eight hours - Use in-tandem, sandwich, or pre-mix assay formats to perform epitope binning. Analyze samples directly from supernatants or lysates.
  • Streamline workflows with automation

Popular Applications for Octet RH96

  • Binding Kinetics and Affinity
  • Concentration analysis
  • Potency analysis
  • Epitope binning
  • Lead screening

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The Octet® RH96 system is an ultra-high-throughput instrument providing state-of-the-art label-free molecular interaction analysis capabilities. It's an ideal tool for rapidly characterizing and developing biologics drug molecules, offering unparalleled speed and efficiency.

  • Best-in-class high Throughput Analysis: Octet® RH96 can analyze up to 96 samples at once, delivering rapid results crucial in high-throughput settings. It can quantify a 96-well plate of IgGs in just two minutes and perform a 32 x 32 epitope binning in under eight hours, making it ideal for analyzing samples directly from supernatants or lysates.
  • Flexible and Efficient Workflow Integration: The system is designed to be flexible, allowing the analysis using a customizable read-head that can analyze 8, 16, 32, 48, or 96 samples at a time, to meet your throughput needs.
  • Automation-Ready for Streamlined Operations: The Octet® RH96 is automation-ready and robot-compatible for microplate and biosensor tray loading, extending walk-away times and reducing operator input. This feature streamlines workflows, making the system a time-efficient solution for high-volume laboratories


  • Operation
  • Plate Compatibility
    • 96 Well  
    • 384 Well  
  • Sample Plate Capacity

General Specifications

  • Affinity Range
    1 mM to 10 pM  
  • Analysis time per 96 samples (Concentration)
    2 min  
  • Analysis time per 96 samples (Kinetics)
    0.2 hr  
  • Analyte MW Range
    > 150 Da  
  • Association rate
    10¹ to 10⁷ M⁻¹ s⁻¹  
  • Channels
  • Crude sample compatibility
  • Dissociation rate
    10⁻⁶ to 0.1 s⁻¹  
  • External Automation
  • Orbital Flow Capacity
    Static or 1000 – 2,600 RPM  
  • Temperature Range
    4 C above ambient to 40 C  

Operating Conditions

  • Minimum Operating Volume
    40 µL