Octet® SPR 96 Well Sample Rack, 0.9 mL

The Octet® SF3 can accommodate two interchangeable sample racks and two additional reagent racks, which provides unparallel flexibility in sample accommodation. The 96-well sample rack can accommodate up to 96 x 0.9 mL vials, which when coupled with OneStep® injections is sufficient for 96 unique samples. The mixed format sample rack is ideal for runs that require larger volumes of samples or reagents, and can accommodate 24 (0.9 mL), 16 (2.0 mL) and 4 (7.5 mL) vials. Where additional capacity is required, additional reagent racks are provided that allow additional 8 (2.0 mL) and 6 (7.5 mL) vials to be accommodated.

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Octet® SPR Sample Rack and Sample Rack Plate Adapters

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