Octet® SPR HisCap Sensor Chip

Octet® SPR HisCap sensor chips consist of pre-immobilized nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA) within a nondextran polysaccharide 3D surface, which can be used for affinity capture coupling. In comparison to the strong interaction between streptavidin and biotin, the lower bond strength observed between NTA and a His-tag allows easy removal of His-tagged ligand proteins and regeneration of sensor chip surfaces using a variety of conditions, including imidazole, SDS and EDTA.   

Top Features of the Octet® SPR HisCap Sensor Chip: 

  • High binding capacity

Popular Applications for the Octet® SPR HisCap Sensor Chip: 

  • Kinetics
  • Affinity
  • Screening
  • LMW binding

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Octet® SPR sensor chips have been specifically designed to allow generation of robust and reproducible results for every application – from large molecules, molecular complexes, viruses or whole cells to small molecules or antibody fragments.

Octet® SPR HisCap sensor chips are ideal for small molecule, peptide or fragment kinetics and large molecule kinetic assays. They provide a reliable alternative for proteins unamenable to amine coupling.


  • Application
    • Kinetics  
    • Screening  
    • Affinity  
    • Low molecular weight binding  


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