Octet® SPR Polycarboxylate High Capacity (PCH) Sensor Chip

With similar properties to the Octet® SPR CDH sensor chip, the Octet® SPR PCH sensor chip has a greater degree of surface carboxylation and a denser matrix, resulting in a significantly higher binding capacity. Comprised of a non-dextran polycarboxylate hydrogel surface, it provides an alternative to dextran-based sensor chips. This makes it ideal for small molecule, fragment and low molecular weight research, as well as experimentation involving low analyte concentrations or unfavorable immobilization conditions.  

Top Features of the Octet® SPR Polycarboxylate High Capacity (PCH) Sensor Chip: 

  • Highest capacity surface of all Octet® SPR sensor chips
  • Matrix length from gold surface: 150 nm

Popular Applications for the Octet® SPR Polycarboxylate High Capacity (PCH) Sensor Chip: 

  • Screening
  • LMW binding

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Octet® SPR sensor chips have been specifically designed to allow generation of robust and reproducible results for every application – from large molecules, molecular complexes, viruses or whole cells to small molecules or antibody fragments.

Octet® SPR PCH sensor chips are useful for small molecules (due to high signal to noise ratio) and can be used in experimental conditions unfavorable to dextran polycarbonate surfaces.


  • Application
    • Screening
    • Low molecular weight binding


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