pHrodo® Cell Labeling Kit for Incucyte® Phagocytosis Assays

Kit containing one vial of lyophilized solid sufficient for labeling 5 x107 target cells of choice along with wash and labeling buffers - suitable for 100-200 live-cell imaging phagocytosis assays in 96-well format.

Top Features of the pHrodo® Cell Labeling Kit for Incucyte® Phagocytosis Assays

  • Label the target cells of your choice for relevant measurements of cell engulfment
  • Detect phagocytoic update and internalization using a pH sensitive dye
  • Confirm phagocytosis using Incucyte® high definition phase-contrast images
  • Utilize simple mix-and-read protocols – amenable to both adherent and non-adherent cells

Popular Applications for the pHrodo® Cell Labeling Kit for Incucyte® Phagocytosis Assays

  • Labeling whole cells with a pH-sensitive fluorophore, making them suitable for screening compounds for inhibition/activation of efferocytosis.
  • Quantifying antibody mediated cell phagocytosis (e.g., anti-CD47 antibody mediated phagocytosis or ADCP

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The pHrodo® Cell Labeling Kit for Incucyte® enables the labeling of your choice of target cells with a pH-sensitive fluorophore for use in Incucyte® Phagocytosis Assays.

pHrodo® Cell Labeling Dye for Incucyte® enables labeling of whole cells with a pH-sensitive fluorophore. These cells are then suitable for use in downstream applications such as phagocytosis of cells. The unique pHrodo®-based system uses the acidic environment of the phagosome to quantify phagocytosis. As pHrodo® labeled cells residing in the neutral extracellular solution (pH 7.4) are engulfed by phagocytes and enter the acidic phagosome (pH 4.5–5.5), a substantial increase in fluorescence is observed. In the absence of phagocytes, the fluorescence intensity of the labeled cells remains low. This kit enables real-time evaluation of phagocytic regulation induced by pharmacological agents as well as genetic and environmental factors.

Presentation, Storage and Stability

This comprehensive kit comes with one vial of pHrodo® Cell Labeling Dye for Incucyte®, one vial of DMSO used to solubilize the dye, one bottle of pHrodo® Wash Buffer (100 mL) and one bottle of pHrodo® Labeling Buffer (100 mL). The pHrodo® Labeling Dye for Incucyte® is supplied as a lyophilized solid. When stored at -20°C, the dye is stable for at least six months. Once solubilized, the solution should be used as soon as possible or stored at -20°C and used within one month.

Recommended Use

We recommend that pHrodo® Cell Labeling Dye for Incucyte® is prepared at a stock concentration of 1 mg/mL in the sterile DMSO provided. The dye may then be diluted for direct addition to cells suspended in pHrodo® Labeling Buffer for Incucyte®. Note that the dye will also bind to any primary amines present in proteins or cellular debris, therefore we recommend that:

  • a) Cell lines be washed with pHrodo® Wash Buffer for Incucyte® to remove cell culture media and serum
  • b) Any primary cells (such as neutrophils extracted from whole blood) be free from contamination

Additional protocol details can be found in the Product Guide in the Documents tab.


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