PLTGold® Human Platelet Lysate

A growth factor rich, xeno-free, heparin-free supplement that is a superior alternative to FBS. Available in research and clinical grades.

  • Superior alternative to FBS for various cell types
  • Faster cell growth kinetics and cell doubling times
  • Lot-to-lot consistency
  • cGMP-manufactured
  • FDA Drug Master File

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Human platelet lysate is an effective, high-protein supplement for the expansion of a multitude of human cell types, including mesenchymal stem/stromal cells (MSCs), endothelial cells (ECs), T cells, and more.

In both research and clinical applications, human platelet lysate is often used as an alternative to sera, such as fetal bovine serum (FBS) or human AB serum.

PLTGold® Human Platelet Lysates is a revolutionary animal serum-free culture supplement with proven growth and cellular kinetic properties, and is routinely used for culture and expansion of both primary and stem cells.

PLTGold® promotes excellent MSC growth and proliferation in a variety of media (most notably in combination with the defined MSC NutriStem® XF Medium) in addition to improved EC growth in various media (most notably in combination with the defined EndoGo® XF Medium).

PLTGold® is generated from large pools of platelets from multiple donors, which are sourced and manufactured to produce a consistent and reliable culture supplement with very low lot-to-lot variability. The consistency in the reagents is reflected not only in the observed cell kinetics assays, but also in many other parameters analyzed, including consistent levels of FGF, VEGF, PDGF-AB, and PDGF-BB, measured across numerous production lots. This advanced consistency allows for dependable cell culture growth kinetics and eliminates the need for lot matching or pre-screening.

Platelets in use meet eligibility criteria at the time of their collection as defined by AABB Standards for Blood Banks and Transfusion Services, as well as the FDA. Multiple donor units are pooled in large batch sizes and manufactured to produce a rigorously evaluated product and proven to be consistent lot-to-lot.

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