pPLUS® AAV-RC is a RepCap plasmid designed for AAV production through triple transfection in HEK293 cells in suspension and optimized for use with pPLUS® AAV-Helper and FectoVIR®-AAV.

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pPLUS® AAV-RC range is a set of RepCap plasmids designed for AAV production of various serotypes. These plasmids have been optimized for use with pPLUS® AAV-Helper in a triple transfection process, providing enhanced AAV yields of high quality and infectivity. They are readily available at Research Grade and available upon request at GMP grade.

Key Benefits:

  • Efficient: High AAV productivity and enhanced infectious titers Optimized for use with pPLUS® AAV-Helper.
  • Readily Available: pPLUS® AAV-RC are off-the-shelf plasmids available on demand for an easy and fast supply.
  • Scalable: Available in three pack sizes (from 1 to 100mg) to fit different scale needs.

General Specifications

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    pPLUS® AAV-RC2 1mg  

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    1 mg  

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