Resolute® Prochrom 1400

From development to commercial phase

Resolute® Prochrom columns have been designed to run for decades without any loss of performance. This performance consistency over time is enabled by Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC) technology.Our columns are engineered for ease of cleaning and maintenance operations while maximizing operator safety.

  • Efficiency & Scalability: A complete range from lab to industrial scale
  • Fast & Safe packing and unpacking: Packing in 15 to 30 min maximum
  • High standards of design

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*Custom/bulk order quotes are provided within 72 hours of request.

Dynamic Axial Compression (DAC)

This technology is based on the use of a hydraulically actuated piston offering the highest efficiency and peak symmetry. Combined with our proprietary flow distributors, the DAC technology ensures optimum performance for an extended period of time from 50 to 1,2000 mm I.D. columns. We guarantee the performance of your scaled-up process using our Resolute® Prochrom columns.


Resolute® Prochrom range is well-known for its longevity and reliability. We guarantee the performance and robustness of both our systems and processes.

Elemental packing (Available on Resolute® Prochrom 150, 200 and 300)

  • One single packing method allows to save time.
  • No column opening, actuated piston. As a result, column can be packed easier and safer.
  • Number of operations are limited. Operator’s skill/experience is not critical for success.
  • Elemental packing requires nothing more than the column, a buffer tank, a slurry tank.
  • Simplified with dedicated tools. Save time and footprint.

Automated packing (Available on Resolute® Prochrom 450, 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400 and 1600)

  • One single packing method allows to save time with simplified packing study.
  • Packing sequences are managed by the packing unit. Piston drop and packing valve closing are performed by the operator.
  • No extra media required for packing.
  • Dynamic Axial Packing
  • No slurry concentration limitation.
  • Undiluted unpacking procedure.
  • Among the lightest and the smallest columns on the market.
  • Hoist-free, no need to move the column.

A complete toolbox

Our columns are designed to facilitate cleaning and maintenance operations while maximizing operator safety: all heavy parts are manipulated from the bottom of the column, thus avoiding hoists and overhead manipulation; handling tools such as a piston rotation unit and piston/flange tables as accessories. Specially designed to be user-friendly and easy-to-use, one single operator can perform all of these operations.