Safetyspace® Extended Length Filtered Pipette Tips, Racked

Top Features of Safetyspace® Extended Length Filtered Pipette Tips, Racked

  • Maximized reach
  • Added protection against contamination
  • Consistent and reliable results

Popular Applications for Safetyspace® Extended Length Filtered Pipette Tips, Racked

  • Cell culture and Microbiology applications
  • Low liquid volume applications
  • Gel loading

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Maximized reach with extended tip length

Use of slimmer and lengthier tips enables an enhanced range, especially with deep and narrow labware. The tip design helps to reach further to the container for the very last drop of the precious reagent or sample.

Added protection against contaminations

The extended tip length safeguards against contamination by enabling pipetting from deep and narrow labware without the pipette accidentally touching the container walls. The filter barrier brings additional protection from carryover contaminations and reduces the need for pipette maintenance.

Consistent and reliable results

Extended Length Filtered Pipette Tips produce accurate and repeatable results with Sartorius pipettes and eliminate the risk of the sample ever touching the filter.


  • Dimensions WxDxH
    560 × 265 × 100 mm  
  • Length
    46 mm  


  • Device/Instrument Compatibility
    • Picus® NxT  
    • Picus®  
    • Tacta®  
    • Proline® Plus  
    • Mline®  
    • Proline®  
    • Universal Design  
  • Extended Length
  • Wide Bore

Product Information

  • Brand
  • Pack Size
  • Packaging
    Single Tray  
  • Tip Type
    Filtered tips  


  • Purity
    Pre-sterilized & free of DNase, RNase, human DNA and endotoxins  


  • Volume
    10 µL