SafetySpace® Filter Tip Low Retention, 50-1200 µl, single tray

Sartorius Low Retention Tips feature an extremely even and durable liquid-repellent surface for maximising your sample recovery and eliminating the loss of your expensive reagents. As a result, detergent-containing liquids with a low surface tension slide off easily from the inside surface of the tip, leaving very little residue behind.

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Sartorius Low Retention Tips have an extremely even and durable liquid-repellent surface for optimising the flow of the liquid while dispensing, for optimum sample recovery. Liquids with low surface tension, like detergents, slide easily off of the inner surface of the tip, leaving very little residue behind. This Low Retention feature is thus very useful in the following applications, where such viscous, detergent containing, liquids are often pipetted: PCR, real-time PCR, cloning, SDS-PAGE and other nucleic acid or protein analysis methods.

  • Ergonomic and light tip attachment and ejection secured by tip compatibility with the Optiload feature of Sartorius pipettes
  • Environment friendly materials used in tips, trays and racks are 100% recyclable or can be incinerated as energy waste
  • Less waste by reusing the fully autoclavable (121 ºC, 20 min) tip racks with refill or bulk tips
  • Easy matching with a suitable Sartorius pipette with colour coded tip trays
  • Improved tip identification and traceability by informative rack labels indicating tip volume, product number, lot number and purity level

The SafetySpace® Filter Tips are now available with Low Retention feature for doubled security of sample recovery.

  • Extremely liquid-repellent tip surface secures maximal sample recovery also with detergent containing liquids
  • Optimal liquid flow ensures high precision, when pipetting results are very consistent time after time
  • The high chemical resistance of Low Retention Tip surface secures sample and result integrity with no interfering leachables
  • Reduced risk of sample absorption into the filter with SafetySpace® feature
  • Aerosol and liquid contamination prevention with a filter barrier
  • Contamination-free pipetting with DNase, RNase and endotoxin free certified tips
  • E-beam pre-sterilised for sterile work

The extremely liquid-repellent tip surface combined with the safety air gap between the sample and the filter, improves the sample recovery in two ways: through better liquid flow, and by reducing the risk of the sample penetrating the filter. Thus, these tips are ideal for sensitive molecular biology applications, where:

  • reagents contain detergents
  • prevention of cross-contamination is vital
  • multi-dispensing with excess liquid volume is used

The tips are made of virgin polypropylene and the filter of polyethylene without 'self-sealing' additives, in order to avoid any interference with the sample and the results. The filter barrier helps protect against cross-contamination of the sample and/or the pipette and reduces the need for pipette maintenance. Filter tips with the Low Retention feature are available in multiple volumes from 10 µl to 1200 µl, and are packed in colour-coded single tray racks. They are DNase, RNase and endotoxin free certified and pre-sterilised.

  • Reduced risk of sample absorbtion into the filter with safety space feature
  • Aerosol and liquid contamination prevention with filter barrier
  • Contamination free pipetting with DNase, RNase and endotoxin free certified tips


  • Length
    90 mm


  • Extended Length
  • Wide Bore

Product Information

  • Brand
  • Pack Size
  • Packaging
    Single Tray
  • Tip Type
    Low retention tips, filtered


  • Delivery Condition
  • Purity
    Pre-sterilized & free of DNase, RNase, human DNA and endotoxins


  • Volume
    50 – 1,200 µL

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