Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab P15 mL Kit, 0.2 µm pore size

Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab P15 is a kit designed for the clarification and sterile filtration of 15 ml mammalian cell culture.

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Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab P15 has been designed for both clarification and sterile filtration of up to 15 mL mammalian cell culture solutions in one step. This convenient kit combines a syringe pre-filled with a filter aid for clarification and an integrated 0.2 µm polyethersulfone filter for sterile filtration.

The 20 mL syringe, pre-filled with 0.5 g DE, eliminates the need for an additional centrifugation step for clarifying your cell culture solution at the harvest step prior to sterile filtration. As a result, your clarified cell culture liquid will be available faster for subsequent sample concentration by ultrafiltration and downstream analytics.

The sterile filter included in the kit contains a 0.2 µm polyethersulfone membrane and a prefilter made of 100 % high-purity quartz:

  • The choice of these materials, along with the larger surface area of the filter, enables higher flow rates.

  • The filter is individually packaged and sterile.


  • Application
    Cell Removal / Harvest  

General Specifications

  • Cell Density
    All cell densities  

Physicochemical Information

  • Pore Size
    0.2 µm  
  • Pressure/Vacuum

Product Information

  • Brand
    Sartoclear Dynamics® Lab  
  • Device Type
    Pressure filters with filter aid  
  • Pack Size
  • Packaging
    Single pouch packed  
  • Sample Type
    Cell Culture  


  • Delivery Condition


  • DE Filter Aid/Unit
    0.5 g  
  • Volume
    15 mL