Sartoclear® Midscale Cassette, DL10: 0.8 | 0.1 µm

Clarification - Small Scale | Pilot - High Throughput Depth Filter

Sartoclear® Midscale Filter Cassettes are single-use, self-conatining devices developed for scale-up depth filtrations with volumes between 5 and 10 liters.

Filter media: Cellulose + Diatomaceous Earth

Effective Filtration Area: 800 cm²

Connectors: 0.75 inch Sanitary Adapter

Packaging: 1 Piece

Item No.: 

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The Sartoclear® Midscale Cassette is engineered from a trusted blend of cellulose and diatomaceous earth, providing a depth filter medium that has proven its effectiveness over time. Tailored for small scale and pilot processes, this cassette format embodies the efficiency of normal flow filtration with the precision needed for modern bioprocessing applications.

Key Features:

  • Reliable Clarification: Depend on the Sartoclear® Midscale Cassette for effective biomass separation, utilizing the well-regarded method of normal flow depth filtration for proven success.
  • Ideal for Small Scale and Pilot Processes: The cassette's design is specifically suited for processing volumes of 5 - 10 L, making it a self-contained solution for small scale and pilot applications, and enabling rapid and precise sample processing to boost lab productivity.
  • Quality Filtration Medium: The combination of cellulose and diatomaceous earth in the filter medium ensures a depth filter that consistently captures particulates, resulting in a clear filtrate.
  • User-Friendly Design: The cassette format is crafted for convenience and efficiency, simplifying the setup process and accommodating the transition from small-scale experiments to larger operations in a self-contained format.
  • Scalable Results: The Sartoclear® Midscale Cassette is designed to provide scalable results, facilitating a smooth progression from small-scale and pilot processes to larger-scale production, ensuring a reliable pathway for process scaling.


  • Mammalian cell culture harvests
  • Microbial lysates
  • Removal of precipitates from serum and plasma
  • Particle and colloid removal from process intermediates
  • Media filtration
  • Viral vectors (Adeno-associated virus)

Double Layer Grades

  • DL90 (First Layer: 15 µm, Second Layer: 2 µm): For primary (coarse) clarification.
  • DL75 (First Layer: 10 µm, Second Layer: 2 µm): For primary clarification, and in AAV clarification, it can serve as a single-stage solution followed by a sterile filter.
  • DL60 (First Layer: 8 µm, Second Layer: 0.8 µm): For primary or secondary clarification, and in some cases, as a single-stage clarification solution followed by a sterile filter (e.g., AAV clarification).
  • DL20 (First Layer: 0.8 µm, Second Layer: 0.4 µm): For secondary clarification post-depth filtration, -centrifuge or -perfusion.
  • DL10 (First Layer: 0.8 µm, Second Layer: 0.1 µm): For secondary clarification post-depth filtration, -centrifuge or -perfusion.

Choose the Sartoclear® Midscale Cassette as your filtration solution to combine the reliability of proven techniques with the adaptability required for small-scale and pilot process development. It represents the perfect balance between reliable results and convenient scalability.

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Compliance Information

  • Bacterial Endotoxins
    < 0.25 EU/mL  
  • Biological Reactivity
    All materials of this filter element meet the requirements of the current USP Biological Reactivity tests <88> for plastics Class VI (Systemic Injection, Intracutaneous and Implantation tests).  

Connections (Physical)

  • Connector Inlet
    3/4" Tri-Clamp 25 mm  
  • Connector Outlet
    3/4" Tri-Clamp 25 mm  


  • Dimensions WxDxH
    250 x 144 x 182 mm  
  • Filtration Area
    0.08 m²  

General Specifications

  • Capsule/Cartridge Format
  • Filtration Layer
    Double layer  

Materials of Construction

  • Filter Material
    Cellulose and Diatomaceous Earth  

Physicochemical Information

  • Retention Rate
    DL10: 0.8 | 0.1 µm  

Product Information

  • Brand
  • Pack Size
    1 Piece per Package  
  • Sartopore® 2
    Item no.

    Sartopore® 2 is the industry standard of high-performance polyethersulfone (PES) liquid filters. A broad variety of different pore size combinations ensures highly economic and safe filtration performance. From single-layer high flow solutions to specific Mycoplasma retentive filters, Sartopore®2 perfectly adapts to your specific process needs.